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March 16 2020


Trees Mountain Apparel's roots are growing solidly.

Trees Mountain Apparel’s is gradually bringing all of its production back to Canada. The young mountain bike clothing company is proud to share this great news, which is also the company's original mission. « It's all about our core values and it's always been our goal to do everything locally », says Simon Drolet, co-founder and designer. « It's a real pleasure to bring on-board local skilled people and contribute to the local economy », adds Marjorie Gagnon co-founder and designer.

Trees Mountain Apparel’s dynamic owners align their business decisions with their principles. « At this point we are even delaying the development of some new products that could be done in China. We choose to wait because we want to make sure we scout the right Canadian manufactures that will meet both our quality and technical standards » says Marjorie G.

Simon D. says, « Our objective is to have all our production made in Canada within the next year. In fact, starting this spring, 90% of our production will be made in Canada ». « We know that the costs of producing in Canada will represent a major challenge as we need to preserve the quality of our products while staying competitive in the retail market; but we are determined to take it up », says Marjorie G.

With an authentic passion for mountain biking and a concern for every design and manufacturing detail, this couple of entrepreneurs is both visionary and realistic. Trees Mountain Apparel stays on course and grows confident without skipping a step. « We are growing organically so we can maintain an excellent customer service and management control », says Simon D.

Trees Mountain Apparel came to life in Saint-Sauveur nestled in the Laurentians mountains back in 2014. Since its creation, it has carved a place of choice in the technical mountain bike clothing market. A quick look around on any mountain bike trail all over Quebec is enough to see just how much their products appreciated.

Photo: Dylan Page