Mission accomplie : notre nouvelle collection est entièrement designée et fabriquée ici! - TREES Mountain Apparel

Mission accomplished: our whole range of products from the newest collection is now entirely designed and manufactured here!

Mission accomplie : notre nouvelle collection est entièrement designée et fabriquée ici! - TREES Mountain Apparel

Buying local is becoming more and more ingrained in our values, especially since the pandemic has made the economy fragile. At TREES, we already had a goal in 2019 to gradually bring the production of our mountain bike clothing back to Canada. The small but hard-working team wasted no time and can now call it mission accomplished! All TREES products are now made from scratch in Canada. We recently launched a brand new summer collection, entirely produced here.

A 100% Canadian Collection

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we were able to achieve our goal of producing all of our MTB clothing locally. In 2019, 90% of our production was local. Last year, almost all of our products were made here, with a few exceptions. This year we were able to relocate the whole production to Canada and reach our goal! We are proud to offer a 100% made in Canada summer collection in stores and online!

Our motivations behind local production:

Why do we make our products in Canada? We want to contribute to the local economy and promote local expertise. In addition, this allows us to work closely with suppliers. The company therefore generates more value for the local economy.

Reducing our ecological footprint is another aspect that is so important to us. Making clothes on the other side of the world generates a lot of greenhouse gases, especially because of transportation of goods. By producing locally, we have more control not only over the quality of the product but also over the ecological footprint generated by the manufacturing of our products. The operation delays are also shorter, an advantage not to be ignored!

Producing our clothing in Canada involves more management, for example at the level of supply. Everything must be planned in detail: management of operations, supply of fabrics, accessories like velcro, buttons, elastic, labels... cutting, printing and confection. However, the satisfaction of working with local people is well worth the effort!

How can we take local and ecological production even further?

We want to continue to do our part to reduce our ecological footprint and decrease global warming. Our next goal? To reduce the use of plastic and waste as much as possible. By producing on a smaller scale, we have better control over our inventory and reduce losses, waste and trash. We are planning to set up an "UPCYLCING" program by creating new products using leftover fabrics, waste material or even by recovering the fabric from some unused products with manufacturing defects. We have many ideas in mind for the development of future products, including the use of textile fibers grown in Canada and recycled. We continue to innovate and push the local and ecological aspect of our products to the maximum!

To purchase our collection of MTB gear made entirely in Canada, visit our ONLINE STORE  or one of our 25 points of sale in Canada.