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Simon Dessureault

Discoverer of new trails / Enduro / Blogs

Hometown: Gatineau, QC, but originally from Neuville, QC
Discipline: Trail / Enduro / DH / IPA / Ping Pong


Bio, Simon loves bio, he worked for almost 10 years in the bio (organic) industry! He was so proud of the international reputation of Neuville’s corn, that he himself became an agronomist! At 10 years old he was formally prohibited from owning a motocross bike, so at 14, he picked up mountain biking and hasn’t stopped riding since. He was a member of the trail patrol at Mont-Ste-Anne, where he participated in the building of such trails as 1837 and others. He competed in several races at the end of the 90s in XC, DH, and even some snow DH. His passion for mountain biking allows him to discover trails all over Quebec, Ontario, the West of Canada, New England, and the Western United States. The discovery and chase of new trails and new brews continues to this day.


  • Cyclo-toured across Spain and from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.
  • Mountain bike trips to Utah, Arizona, California, Colorado and around the Northeastern United States.
  • Participation in Enduro races in Quebec.
  • Member of OMBA (Ottawa Mountain Bike Association) and Camp Fortune DH.
  • Participated 15 times at the Mont-Ste-Anne World Cup (as a spectator).
  • A huge accomplishment: to continue to ride with my friends from high school and to meet dozens and dozens of amazing people through biking!

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