Locally Made

Trees stems from a desire to push the boundaries of blending technical fabric and MTB riding. Our goal is simple: to make the best quality gear, that looks great, lasts forever and uses as little ressources as possible.

Our roots are deep and our commitment is real. We make the gear we want to ride
in with the local experts everyone should work with.

Choosing to design and manufacture everything right here means putting forward local knowhow, skilled workforce and quality partners. Sourcing and manufacturing locally allows us to build a support network for all by creating special bonds between the maker and the buyer.

Producing locally enables us to minimize our ecological footprint. By reducing the distance travelled between the sourcing of materials, production and riders, we mitigate transport, overpacking, fuel and pollutants.

Working locally allows for small scale production which directly diminishes risks and wastage.

We design our gear for the most demanding riders and make everything right here in Canada.

 Leading by example is always the best option!