Kalen Griffin

Lieu de résidence: Salt Lake City, UT
Discipline: Enduro, Downhill


I started mtn biking when I was 22 years old, right at the end of my senior year of college ! I was instantly hooked. I come from an alpine ski racing background and mtn biking has similar tendencies, the cross-over is incredible. Ripping berms on a bike through freshly packed dirt is definitely comparable to arcing turns on skis ! And the feeling you get at the bottom of a run is the same : Huge smiles, pure excitement and great energy to do it all over again.

I love biking for the social aspect and the comraderie. On big trail rides with friends, at the bike park parking lot wherever I might be travelling, every person I’ve met is always looking to improve, help me improve and share new and old ideas and stories. The community is hard to beat and I’m so thankful that I am a part of it ! I also like being a fun, positive roll model for young riders, especially female, to get into mtn biking.